Lady Lauren Brock is one stunningly beautiful tattoo model, you just can’t ignore. She’s a heavily inked, blonde, beauty and for sure one of our office girl crushes.

As an internationally published model, you may have seen Lauren’s amazing tattoos on many tattoo magazine covers, from Skin Deep and Tattoo Scout to Skin and Ink magazines. If you follow any tattoo site or social feeds, you for sure must have seen her many times. Lady Lauren’s star started to shine in 2012, when she first appeared on the cover of Skin Deep. Modeling is Lauren’s passion for sure, and she’s a natural in front of the camera. For a heavily tattooed girl, Lauren is still gentle and extremely feminine, with her beautiful long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.

 Lady Lauren Brock
Creative Instincts

Ever Changing Style

Her fans have often seen her hair changing color, from blond to blue to pink. In addition, Lauren has no need for stylists. She often does it all by herself when preparing for a photo shoot.


Lauren got her first tattoo at 16, and now she has managed to cover most of her body with amazing colored tattoos. Speaking of her tattoos, many tattoo styles are present on her body. From traditional style ink with bold outlines to beautiful geometrical dotwork tattoos. Probably some of the most awesome tattoos Lauren has are her chest and neck pieces, absolutely amazing work, combining the flat looking old schools style with realistic images and a detailed dotwork design.

The skull on her chest piece is a cover up, also her blackout sleeve that she loves.

If you’re looking carefully enough, and we’re sure you are, you’ll see some interesting elements. Lauren has the pattern of the flower of life on her neck, flower mandalas on her left arm, Japanese style full sleeve and a dragon on her hip. You can see lettering, black and white flowers, roses and realistic portraits on her back. Oh, did we mention she has a tattoo on her head too, above her left ear?

Lauren Brock – Social Media Star

Follow this beauty on her social media channels, Lauren is constantly changing and a pleasure to follow! Always adding more and more awesome tattoos. Check out the amazing ink of Lauren Brock…


Lauren Brock Tattooed Goddess


lauren-brock model2

 Lady Lauren model on bike
Creative Instincts
Creative Instincts



Lauren Brock in black
Robin French

Lauren Brock upper body tattoos

lauren brock 3
Garry Lake Photography

Lauren Brock tattoo show off

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