Paul Talbot is amongst the most classy and famous tattoo artists in the UK right now. He is famous for his punky contemporary tattoos. Paul is one of those artists who doesn’t follow trends, he creates them!

The best thing about Paul Talbot’s designs is they don’t fit any fashionable style, sure he leans towards the trash polka style but with his own unique flavour. So unique and contrasting, they should have their own place in the tattoo world. He uses a collage style method to build up the finished tattoo.

Paul Talbot

Signature style

One of the most prominent elements in his post-modern art are the color hues he uses. He rarely includes more than two or three colors, but the overall effect is stunning. His tattoo art seems chaotic at a first glance, but this is what makes it vivid and memorable. You will find many cutouts and high contrasting portraits.

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Paul Talbot history

Paul did his first tattoo design at the age of 17, while he was hanging at the local tattoo shop. He’s been drawing all his life, but on creating a tattoo design for a friend, the tattooing spark was created. Today Paul uses digital collages to unite his ideas into one finished design. Still, he hasn’t left drawing behind. He always makes drawings, either just for fun or for a client.

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The notes and lines that you can see in the background of his tattoos are one curious component of his designs. Paul takes quotes from clients and includes the meaningful notes in the tattoo. He actually builds the whole idea around a single quote from his client. Furthermore, he implements his personal associations and even random ideas to form the finished look.

You can find Paul at the Modern Electric Tattoo studio in Catshill, but prepare yourself to wait for an appointment.


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