Jessica Weaver is an American-Danish-German super model and life adviser in social media. Jlove is a typical example of a girl living her Hollywood dream.

Jessica Weaver and her way to internet fame

Born in 1987 in a small town in Colorado, Jessica knew living an average life was not what she wanted. Instead, she went for something bigger and more important.

Jessica Weaver bath selfie

After her highschool years Jessica moved to L.A, where her new, extraordinary and sometimes tough life was waiting for her.

Jessica Weaver Model

Jessica studied Fashion design and has some experience in cosmetology. However, her mission was to become a social media celebrity. Today Jessica Weaver an enormous 4.3m Instagram followers….wow!

Jessica Weaver full arm sleeve

Here’s how it all started

Jessica started modeling just for fun. Making money was not a main point as she already had her V-apes vape shop up and running. Jessica Weaver became a famous person through her Youtube videos.

Jessica Weaver posing

That’s where she’s sharing personal advice and thoughts. Jlove is acting as a life coach for her loyal followers. It comes as no surprise that Jessica Weaver is also quite popular on Instagram as well. She often posts her pictures accompanied by encouraging and positive messages.

Jessica Weaver on the sofa

With Jessica Weaver it’s not only about her tattoos

Jessica is in our top female models list not only because of her crazy, ornamental black tattoos. It’s because of her interesting social media career. Regarding her looks, she did undergo some modifications but it’s still her natural charm that we find so inspiring.

Jessica Weaver Tattoo Model

Jessica’s left arm sleeve features some sweet and gentle elements like the sun, an owl, flowers and a mandala. All this goes so well with some ornamental linework.

Jessica Weaver by the window

Her inspiration is positive thinking and her goal is to help others with their everyday dilemmas. She loves fast cars, hard working men and adventures.

Amazing Tattoo Model Jessica Weaver

Jessica’s motto is “You live and you learn”. We can totally agree. Don’t forget to check her out on Instagram

Hot Tattoo Model Jessica Weaver



Jessica Weaver Sexy Model

Jessica Weaver Sexy Model

Jessica Weaver is hot


Stunning Model Jessica Weaver

Jessica Weaver Sexy Model

Morning coffee with Jessica Weaver

Jessica Weaver all in white

Jessica Weaver training

Jessica Weaver black lingerie

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