Mandala Tattoos – The Best Designs

mandala tattoo

We are great fans of mandala tattoos. Not only because they look perfect in ink, but because of the hidden meanings behind every design.

If you’re planning to get one you must know the basics before heading to the tattoo shop.

What do Mandala tattoos mean?

The Mandala is a circle shaped ornamental figure. It consists of a stylized lotus leaves. They symbolize eternity, unity and perfection. The Mandala is a very old design, but it was Buddhist and Yogas who mainly introduced it to world through their practices.

Shoulder Mandala Tattoo
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In these traditions the Mandala used to be made of colored sand, as a part of one’s meditation. Some Yoga practices use a drawn Mandala as a visual tool for concentration.

Mandalas can be simple or complicated. Some mandalas are inside of square or another geometric structure, which usually represents The Temple. The number of mandala leaves can be referring to different chakras. Therefore the color of the design can also fit the color of the very chakra it represents.

Amazing Mandala Tattoo
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The most complicated mandalas have up to 1000 petals. People believe that the symbol will help one clear their mind, achieve mental self-awareness and balance the energy centers of the body.

Mandala tattoos come in numerous designs. From simple linework tattoos, to extremely detailed pieces with dotwork and color. People draw them in neo traditional style, with rich colors or do them in monochrome. Recently, red Mandalas have become very hip.

Back Mandala Tattoo
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Where to place Mandala tattoos?

Due to its circle shape, a Mandala tattoo can fit anywhere on the body. So if you believe in chakra symbolism you can choose the place depending on the chakra you will want the tattoo to energize. However, placement would usually depend on the size of the tattoo. Put smaller Mandala designs on the arm, hand or shoulder. Bigger pieces look great on the center of the back, over the hip or as a chest piece.

Lastly artists who are doing amazing Mandala tattoos are Fade Fx, Chaim Machlev, Aaron Anthony and the geometric artist Roxx.

Mandala Tattoo on Back
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Ankle Mandala Tattoo
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Mandala Tattoo on Hips
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