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Street Style is most commonly associated with wearing sneakers, large t-shirts, snapback hats and hobbies like skateboarding. We will try to break the norm by showing you some inspiring photos of tattooed girls who rock the street style.

Society’s visual taste has changed in recent years, you can easily evidence this. Just look at all the hot photoshoots with tattooed models we see these days online – tattoos are becoming more mainstream by the day and this is due to our visual taste evolving and also the fact it became more ‘trendy’ to have a tattoo.  For sure social media is helping tattoos to get more and more attention.

women street style tattoos

Let’s get back on the streets

We spend so much time on the internet that we might have missed all those beautiful and amazing tattooed girls walking around the very same streets we walk. Freshly inked and rocking their style. Nowadays tattoos are a thing you see everywhere. They have become a huge part of our lives. We see tattooed people everywhere. Sites like Suicide Girls will keep you happily supplied with amazingly unique ‘Street Style’ girls for as long as you could want.

street style tattoo for a lady

When we’re talking about heavily tattooed people, well, they are attracting massive attention. Especially when they are combined with cool clothing sense. Street style seems to perfectly suit the very nature of tattoos because it’s eye-catching and often controversial.

Street style combines many visual elements just like tattoos

You also have to note how well tattoos and black and white clothes go together. Street style girls have this aggressive looks which tattoo lovers dig. It’s not that much about the designs, but just the act of having ink on your body means you really have something to say to the whole world… or rather shout it out loud.

women street style tattoo

Skater girls are often quite heavily tattooed, which makes them a great source of inspiration for those who seek unique ideas for tattoos. Whether it’s a full sleeve, a leg piece, or knee and knuckle design, street style girls know their stuff when it comes down to tattoos.

Check out all these stunning, tattooed street style girls. Inspiration for your own looks will surely follow…

street style tattoo for women