Along with the beautiful designs flowing around the web you can find some awful experiments with ink. We’ve seen everything. Bad placements, stupid ideas, and poor tattoo skills to put it together  – Terrible Tattoos

Here’s a small selection of what not to do just in case it isn’t already obvious!

bad tattoos wolfpack

Incorrect spelling and the hilarious translations are probably on the top of the iceberg for failed tattoos.

terrible tattoos no regrets

So, dear tattoo lovers, think it over before you decide to have a tattoo. The skin is yours of course, but who wants a ridiculous picture on their forehead for the rest of their life? Speaking of tattoo failures, some people don’t feel ashamed at all and it is becoming a trend to get terrible holiday tattoos. Usually a result of drunk nights and no memories, the morning comes along with some obscenity inked on skin. But aside from that kind of bad jokes most of these stunning mistakes are made with the clear intention of having a tattoo.

bad tattoos scooby doo

So we move to the so-called fan art tattoos. McDonald’s tattoos, different cartoon characters, famous people tattoos are in the “terrible tattoos” list. Alcohol-related tattoos also seem to fail often.

bad tattoos

Ok, no more talking, there’s nothing much to say except “Learn from other people’s mistakes”. Let’s see some of the funniest and terrible tattoos. In case you feel too overwhelmed by disturbing tattoos continue to our next post to soothe your pain, we promise not to bring you crap tattoos often but felt some people needed a point in the right direction.

Here are some examples of  terrible tattoos

bad tattoos - i love ??

bad tattoos green day

Terrible Tattoos Never don't give up

bad awful tattoos whiteboy swag

Terrible Tattoos armpit hair

terrible tattoos squares

terrible tattoos drake

terrible tattoos - RIP Mickael Jackson

terrible tattoos face on cheek

tattoo fails beer belly

tattoo fails mouth on arm

tattoo fails washing instructions

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