Balaz Bercsenyi is a Hungarian artist, noted as one of the best artists in 2015. Accordingly Balaz works out of the famed Bang Bang Tattoo, NYC, one the most honored tattoo studios right now.

Balaz Bercsenyi began his career in London, where he started to learn about tattooing. In 4 years it seems he learned quite enough to start a solid career back in his homeland. He moved to Budapest, where continuously gave life to flawless tattoos on his client’s bodies.

Stunning detail

If you are thinking about a small, discrete tattoo, yet full of crazy, mind-blowing details, Balaz is your guy. He experiments a lot with lines, all his tattoos show fine tattooing and precision. Many of Balaz’s designs remind me of technical drawing, almost showing the process of the design creation.

Balaz uses a lot of dotwork, in both minimal, more geometric tattoos and the realistic ones. His shading is amazing, using dots in darker or lighter grey, to build the forms. Balaz manages to bring life to extremely realistic art pieces, only with dots.

Realism with a twist

Finally looking at his realistic tattoos, although they differ from the concept of the style, we see that they show delicate preference to portraiture. In smaller or larger sizes, his realistic tattoos are done with an affinity to photography, having this mosaic photobook look. In his designs, where he’s closer to realism, you can notice fading elements or unfinished images, left to tease your imagination.

Here’s a selection of his stunning and intricate work below. An artist to watch for sure, this is a talent that will grace the tattoo world for years to come.


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