Not many are brave enough to sacrifice time, money and patience for a large piece. Most people start with smaller tattoos, to see what it’s like to have ink. Fortunately for tattooists, there are many people who have become addicted to tattoo art and go for large scale tattoos.

thesesa sharpe big tattoos (4)

What is large scale tattoo?

Large scale tattoo can be any kind of tattoo which covers one-third of your body. It can be a back piece or a chest and stomach tattoo. Full leg tattoos are also large scaled and sometimes heavy sleeves, extending towards the torso go under the description of a large scale tattoo.roxx tattoo large (1)

What to know about large scale tattoos?

First and most important about big tattoo pieces is the design. Go for one single design with one artist. The best result you can get is to trust your tattooist, who can design custom-made project for your body. In any other case, you’ll break apart your large scale tattoo and may spoil its beauty.

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Pain is the second thing you should have in mind. Almost all large-scale pieces are inked on the most painful body spots. Starting from the collar bone and chest, to lower and upper stomach, continuing to ribs, these are all places causing a lot of pain. Back pieces also hurt a lot, your back has many nerves around the spine. Here the skin is close to the bones. Back pieces take true commitment but if you’ve got it in you they make for amazing art.

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Good artist skills are not cheap, and you wouldn’t want to risk such a large piece with the less skilled tattooist. A removal of a large scale tattoo is nearly impossible, or at least even more expensive.
thesesa sharpe big tattoos (3)
We put together these images from some of the greatest artists working today. They all have interesting styles, from old school tattoos, to geometric patterns or Japanese traditional tattoo designs. We present you the work of David Glantz, Filip Leu, Glenn Cuzen, Huston Patton, Myke Chambers, Theresa Sharpe, Grime and ROXX.

grime large scale tattoo (3)

grime large scale tattoo (2)

grime large scale tattoo (1)

glenn cuzen (26)

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david glanz (24)

amazing tattoo designs filip leu (2)

thesesa sharpe big tattoos (2)

thesesa sharpe big tattoos (1)

roxx tattoo large (4)

roxx tattoo large (3)

roxx tattoo large (2)


myke chanbers large scale tats (6)

myke chanbers large scale tats (5)

myke chanbers large scale tats (3)

myke chanbers large scale tats (2)

myke chanbers large scale tats (1)

huston patton large tattoo (3)

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