You’re probably reading this post because you’re considering having an angel tattoo. Angel tattoos have nailed it in the past, taking the high place of tattoo trend. Still many believe angel tattoos are appropriate only for religious people. Actually the depiction an angel can have many different meanings, not necessarily bound in faith.

Angels are mythical divine creatures, messengers of God and inhabitants of Heaven. However, angels have always have been present in the human mind and imagination as kind creatures, helping the Creator.

People believe angels are guardians of humankind, the hidden force, which narrows them towards righteous existence. In the Jewish-Christian tradition, there are 7 superior angels- Archangels, while the Catholic Church recognizes only four- Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael.

The figure of the angel also appears in Islam and even Ancient Indian traditions, where angels and demons were the creators of the divine universe. They also symbolize intelligence, good luck, and protection, a manifestation of love, care and support.

They are usually in realistic style, imitating classic Greek and Roman sculptures and murals. The rich halftones in those tattoo designs give a feeling of deepness and unreal divine atmosphere.

Take a look at some amazing and high professional designs with beautiful angels.

realistic angel tattoos2

realistic angel tattoos

epic angel tattoos

epic angel tattoos2

epic angel tattoos2

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