You’re reading this either because you’re considering getting a tattoo or you already got one that for whatever reason you wish to remove. Is laser tattoo removal right for you?

Today when tattooing is so popular, and anything can be put on your skin, it is easy to make a hasty decision and then regret it some time later. But keep calm, modern technologies give you the opportunity to remove your old ink.

Here are the most important things you should know before getting a laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal

It’s a long process

Tattoo removal is a slow process. It usually takes months. It can even extend in time to over 2 years. If your purpose is to completely remove your ink you should be prepared for multiple sessions.

Laser tattoo removal on hand

It is expensive

Yes, it is an expensive method. Real professionals will surely tax you a good amount of money, but at least you should be sure you receive the best treatment.

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Placement matters

Tattoos on the chest area are removed somewhat better than lower down the body. The further your tattoo goes down to the leg, the hard it is to get rid of it.

Laser tattoo removal of tribal sleeve


Professional vs. Scratcher ink

There is a difference between professional and amateur ink. Professionals use the right pigments, which go deep into the skin. Amateur tattoos are usually removal friendly, while professional tattoos can take you more sessions.

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Be aware of the risks

You should consider many things before getting a removal. Are you pregnant? Are you allergic to tattoo ink? Does your skin get easily irritated? Laser tattoo removal has side effects like rising of skin, swelling, and itching. Your skin might get darker or paler and leave you with the feeling of a ghost tattoo. Be aware of this kind of hyper and hypo pigmentation.

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Choose the proper laser

There are two types of lasers, with a good history of results. For black ink tattoos, the Q-Switch Yag laser is your best option. However, saturated colors will disappear hardly with this laser. If your tattoo is bright and adjusted, you should search for Pico Sure or Picosecond technology.

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All skin is different

Not all people skin reacts in the same way to laser tattoo removal. For some people, even a couple of sessions are enough to fade the tattoo. However, others experience hard times, and for some, the result is never as expected. Don’t start with high expectations, as you might remain disappointed.

Finally, the best way to avoid all of these troubles is to think it over before entering the tattoo shop. Find a design that you won’t regret and a professional artist that will do it justice. Also consider the location of your tattoo and whether you’ll be happy with that location before you get it inked. If you research and consider properly then hopefully you will never need laser tattoo removal.

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