Hyper Realistic Tattoo Designs – Iwan Yug

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Iwan Yug is a name you should remember, especially if you’re a fan of hyper realistic and super detailed tattoos. Let his work blow your mind.

Iwan Yug is a master of tattooing

Iwan Yug was originally born in Ukraine but now lives and works in Moscow. He is only 30 years old and started tattooing not long ago.

Realistic Tattoo

This happened in 2005 after he moved to Russia. For just 10 years he has developed his own unique style. Nowadays he’s among the masters of hyper realism. We don’t have to explain why realism is a difficult style. There are many tattoo artists who are technically perfect but not all of them are as artistic as Yug. He is actually damn good at both.

Iwan claims he often goes for free hand inking. To reach the super meticulous details in his tattoos, he’s using both photos and drawings. Before he got so much into hyper realism Iwan experimented with different styles. Today he’s found his style and does mainly portraits, realistic animals, horror designs and insane skull pieces.

Iwan Yug Realistic Eye Tattoo
Image source and credit: https://br.pinterest.com/pin/41587996540039666/?send=true

The art of tattoo realism

To see and understand the power of his pieces you should pay closer attention to his large-scale tattoos. Those are mainly back pieces and we’ll try to show some of his best works so far. Apart from portraits, Iwan Yug also does custom 3D tattoos. That’s not something many artists dare to do as it’s a hard thing to master. In fact, 3D effects are a two dimensional tattoo illusion. And tht effect is not easy to achieve. These designs require precise shading, high-lighting and above all, knowledge about the very nature of shapes.

Iwan Yug has an online shop for high-quality tattoo machines. His work is available on Tattoo Art Project, a famous web platform for international realistic tattoo artists. He’s also on Instagram.

Iwan Yug hyper Realistic Tattoo
Image source and credit: https://scene360.com/art/72609/iwan-yug-tattoos/
Iwan Yug Gun Tattoo
Image source and credit: https://scene360.com/art/72609/iwan-yug-tattoos/
Iwan Yug Realistic Tattoo
Image source and credit: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/585679126519580213/