We all enjoy horror movies and violent, scary stories. Thankfully our fascination with evil is well transferred into the world of horror tattoos.

Before we move to some super scary horror tattoos, we will try to find out why we love horror so much.

Terrifying Horror Tattoos

Skull Horror Tattoos

Monster Horror Tattoos

Why we love the faces of fear?

Imagine animal-like creatures with sharp teeth and horns. Close your eyes, because beasts with saliva and blood dripping from their mouths are close. People just seem to love a good frightening.

Terrifying Kid Tattoo

Screaming girl horror tattoo

Horror House Tattoos

When we watch scary or violent visual content, whether it’s a movie, a drawing or a tattoo, our body produces adrenaline and dopamine. They trigger energy, excitement and even feelings of joy. Some people really relate to horror, because its scary images create tension, which climaxes into relief.

Redhead Girl Horror Tattoo

Green Monster Horror Tattoo

Terrifying Horror Tattoos on Shoulder

We’re so obsessed with fear because of our wish to get over it

We all know the things we see on the TV screen or read in books aren’t real. This gives us even more confidence when it’s all over. Scientists have proven that frightening visual material actually evokes happy feelings and excitement.

Terrifying Female Face Tattoos

Horror tattoos and the power they hide

In tattooing horror is taking up a huge chunk of the popular designs. They often feature characters or scenes from movies, urban legends or books. This doesn’t mean you cannot unleash your imagination and get one of your own faces of fear on your very own skin.

Terrifying Face Horror Tattoos

Bloody Face Horror Tattoos

Terrifying Kid Face Tattoos

Tattoo horror designs are always realistic. Thus, show even better all freaky details. Scary horror tattoos are focused on creepy faces, blinded eyes, grotesque bodies, monsters, zombies and witches.

Caged Face Horror Tattoo

Of course, there’s a lot of blood, possessed screaming characters and don’t forget about terrifying but beautiful women.

Most of the good horror tattoo artists are pros in realistic tattooing. They just love making your hearts stop with fear. Just check out the art of Paul Booth, Paul Acker, Dan Henk, Alex Rattrey and Seunghyun Jo.

Terrifying Skeleton Tattoo

Horror Girl Tattoo

Now turn the lights off and enjoy these horrifying realistic tattoos!

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