Jessica Svartvit is anything but an ordinary artist. While looking at her insanely detailed tattoos it is hard to believe this is possible on skin. Her unique visual manner is the love child of many tattoo styles combined.

Jessica is an artist with amazing skills and a very slim needle. She is uses an unusual technique of tiny dot work, thin hatches and bold flat areas of ink. Her tattoos are so incredibly precise you need to dig deep into the detail. A quick look will not show you the whole beauty of her work.

Jessica Svartvit

Jessica Svartvit and her art

Jessica Svartvit likes to experiment with lines, forms, and subjects of drawing. Her artistic spectrum includes full use of many graphic techniques. From delicate pointillism to blackout spaces she creates complex structures.

two piece tattoo by Jessica Svartvit

We fell in love with Jessica Svartvit’s designs the moment we saw how she uses geometrical forms. With the help of thin strokes, grayscale gradients and a little color her tattoos become masterpieces of graphic art.

She jumps from theme to theme, not limiting herself in strict direction. You can see wide ranging tattoo ideas, such as the mandala, as well as strange illustration of castles and landscapes. Animals are her favorite tattoo subject. Drowning in the deep waters of her art we find surprising background elements, put together with illustrations of animals and flowers.

Jessica uses color very gently focusing her attention on two essential colors, turquoise and brick red. The presence of color in her tats is delicate, serving as an accent and always in the correct place.

We will leave you to explore her strange world of elaborate tattoos. But we warn you; you might find some amazing things between the lines.

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