5 Amazing Americana Tattoo Artists

traditional americana tattoo

Americana style or American traditional tattoos are getting very popular. You have probably noticed how many tattoo models are in love with this classic, yet fresh style.

New tattoo artists are improving their skills by creating cool old school designs, but reimagined, through their fresh and original imagination. This week we’ve selected 5 of the world’s best Traditional tattoo artists so you can check out their designs.

Lana Wingo

American Tattoo Lana Wingo

Lana Wingo is a tattoo artist, who lives and works in Chicago. She has multifaceted portfolio of unique Americana tattoos. Lana Wingo likes to use bold and heavy outlines and saturated clean colors. Lana has an interesting approach for tattoo subjects. She can transform the strangest images into cool Americana tattoo. Beside her custom work, Lana is also inspired by classic Americana tattoo themes.

Oliver Peck

American Tattoo Oliver Peck

Oliver Peck is a big name amongst tattoo lovers. He’s been tattooing what seems like forever, and started at the young age of 19. Today, Oliver Peck travels all over the world and he’s always booked. You might have seen Oliver as a judge in the show Ink Master. Oliver is works out of Elm Street Tattoo, in Dallas, Texas. He made it into the Guinness Book of Records, when he completed 415 tattoo pieces in 24 hours. If you’re already fan of Oliver’s work, you should know he travels to Europe, Japan and even Thailand.

Dan Santoro

American Tattoo Dan Santoro

Dan Santoro is a quite famous tattoo artist who works in Smith Street Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn. Although he is a true follower of Americana style, his designs are distinct and eye-catching. Dan Santoro likes bright fresh colors, especially red and yellow. He uses a lot of smooth shading in his color designs. You can see small funny pieces, as well as big chest pieces, large scale back tattoos and sleeves.

Ben Fraser

American Tattoo Ben Fraser

Again an artist with a unique and memorable style is Ben Fraser. He works at Good Luck Tattoo in Richmond Australia and you should get familiar with him, if you like dragons. Along with his dragon tattoos in Traditional style, Ben loves snake motifs. He uses a lot of details and heavy ornaments in his bold style. Ben prefers less saturated colors and thick outlines.

Stefan Johnsson

American Tattoo Stefan Johnsson

Stefan Johnsson is an artist working in Santa Cruz, California. You can find him in CA Electric Tattoo studio, creating amazing designs. Stefan Johnsson uses a rich palette of bright colors and a lot of detail in his inkwork. His most impressive designs are his large scale pieces of lion’s heads and stylized portraits. What’s most interesting about him is his recognizable iconography of the faces.