Dark and Brutal Old School Tattoos

With the whole variety of numerous styles and artists, old school tattoos are still up to date. People fall in love with old school and its soft earth colors. But if you think traditional tattoos are only ships and roses you’re wrong.

It turns out traditional designs hold violent and brutal imagery. You’ll be surprised to find out how many tattoo lovers prefer the Americana style for their strange ideas. Pictures of death, blood, and screaming faces often appear in traditional tattoos.

There are many designs which bring dark and brutal feeling to the viewer. Some directly borrow imagery from Americana tattoo heritage, while others are modern interpretations. These contemporary tattoos still follow the mood and the typical visualization of traditional tattoo art.


Traditional dark tattoos

They can include emblematic images of old school tattoo art. Think of roaring tigers, pop-eyed wolves, skulls and snakes with sharp teeth. Old school tattoos are never meant to be romantic. They always depict important moments in the life of the wearer. They are the visual mark left for the future. And when life is harsh, tattoos are often dark and brutal. A lot of violence persists in Americana designs along with the beautiful colors and bold lines.

Modern reading of old school designs

Traditional tattoos fascinate people with their appearance. Many prefer this visual style even when the subject doesn’t quite fit. The modern variations also bring disturbing thoughts. The difference here is in the themes. While traditional brutal tattoos explore widespread ideas, the modern variations are more personal. We can even find famous characters from horror movies or novels depicted in old school style.

Old school Death tattoos

We can’t speak of darkness and tattoos and leave the motive of Death behind. It is a favorite theme of tattoo artists and one of the trademarks of old school designs. Death is actually a symbol of courage and honor in the language of Americana tattoos.

In the end, you should know, that besides the ruthless portrayal of old school tattoos they pass positive messages. They serve as protection marks and carriers of good luck.

Brutal old school tattoos