You may know the name Rodrigo Canteras, he was one of the stars of the supreme TV show, NY Ink. He is a guy with never ending passion for tattoos and old school designs.

How he developed his skills and became dedicated to tattoo art? Let’s find out.

Rodrigo Canteras

Rodrigo Canteras history

Rodrigo is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was a wild youngster with a passion for punk rock and drawing. Rodrigo has never been a conformist; he never had the exemplary behavior of a quiet kid. Thanks to his eagerness for life, he stepped away from the common path.

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At the age of 17, Rodrigo Canteras hit the road to Florida to chase wild dreams. He soon got involved in tattooing and piercing. Two activities, which perfectly suited his underground lifestyle. In his adolescent years, he wanted to be a musician, although he was always inspired by art and tattoos.

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NY Ink

His idols had their bodies covered with tattoos, and this started Rodrigo’s fascination with tattooing. He couldn’t wait to turn 18, and he had his first tattoo done by a friend of his. Rodrigo walked into the tattoo shop and never left it. Later he moved to New York, after Ami James invited him to work together in his tattoo shop Wooster Street Social Club.

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Rodrigo has been tattooing for over 20 years, but he kept his love for old school tattoos. Back in the days of underground street culture, when tattooing wasn’t such a popular thing to do, old schools tattoos were the body art of musicians and true revolutionaries.

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Today Rodrigo Canteras can proudly say he has tremendous experience behind him, but he still does his work with great attention. He carefully chooses the placement, orientation of the tattoos and the perfect subject with his clients. Rodrigo is still learning and developing his style. He is a fan and a follower of the people he works with, his colleagues from NY Ink and Love Hate Social Club.

See more or his work and let him charge you with his artistic energy!

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