Hollywood Tattoos – The Artist Paul Timman

Paul Timman is a famous American tattoo artist. Currently working in Hollywood, he’s the world’s top tattooer to celebrities.

However, Paul Timman is not only a popular, but an incredibly talented and skillful artist.

Paul Timman and the road to Holywood fame

He graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art where he studied stained glass sculpture. Although, he never worked with sculpture his fascination with art remained. Paul Timman spent his childhood and youth in Toledo, Ohio. It was there where he first started tattooing encouraged by his friends who really liked his work. He started working in the oldest tattoo studio in the area and eventually moved to LA in 1997.

Inking the world’s top celebrities

When Paul Started working at Sunset Strip Tattoo Studio his fame grew up immensely. The same goes for his skills. That’s the place where he tattooed quite a few celebrities. Some of the names are Angelina Jolie, Ben Affleck, Busta Rhymes, Pamela Anderson, Billy Bob Thornton and Mark Wahlberg.

Paul’s skills have driven him to the point when he was asked to make temporary hand-painted tattoos for movie productions. He also appeared on TV. This happened during Pamela Anderson’s True Hollywood Story and VH1’s All Access. There he talked about his celebrity clients and was later featured on A&E – The Star Treatment.

Ink on dishes

Another peculiar addition to his artistic career is his partnership with InkDish. This is a contemporary tablewear company using designs of modern artists to create custom porcelain plates. Paul created a line of Japanese inspired hand-painted designs for InkDish, thus bringing tattoo culture closer to our everyday life.

Another design of his features tribal lines for side plates. This side of Paul’s work applies his amazing tattoo style to a different aspect of art.

The Eastern inspiration

Paul Timman’s inspiration comes from traditional Japanese prints. He found those in books and during his own digital researches. He’s using the classical Japanese images of Koi fish and Dragons to shape his own style. Paul is also interested in Tribal tattoos and Americana style. Two styles he’s also transforming into more sensitive and delicate tattoo pieces.

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