American Style Tattoos – Let’s Talk About the Classics

american tattoos

You’re about to jump into the tattoo studio and get a brand new tattoo? Wondering what exactly to put on your body? Well, what do you know about American Style tattoos?

The mighty American style tattoo

Often referred to as traditional, this tattoo style dates back from the 19th century. That’s when Americans started tattooing themselves professionally for the first time. It all began with the invention of the first electric tattoo machine. Created by Samuel O’Reilly, it gave tattoo artists the chance to work on a wider variety of designs.

girl with American style tattoo

The tattoo legend Sailor Jerry actually defined this style. Years ago he drew the typical symbols of what we know today as American style tattoos. He influenced many other artists in Southeastern Asia and Honolulu. He spread the word about American Style worldwide and is still a strong influence to tattoo artists and lovers.

American style tattoo

American style, influenced by the vision of Sailor Jerry is easily recognizable. You know all too well the images of skulls, hearts, eagles, pin-up girls, roses and snakes. We almost missed one of the biggest tattoo classics – anchors.  For Traditional American tattoos artists choose bold and think black outlines. This differs the style from all others. The colors are limited to bright and intense basic ones. Last but not least, the shading is heavy and solid. Especially in portrait tattoos there’s a lot of stylisation of the images.

American style tattoos today

Today American Style still shines with not only its charm but an ever-growing popularity. The contemporary traditional tattoos are even brighter. Moreover, they feature modern imagery and are done by super skilful artists. Top quality inks make these tattoos very eye-catching.  Some of the greatest Old School artists working in American Style are Don Ed Hardy, Mike Pike, Tim Lehi and Dan Higgs. On the other hand we have the contemporary side of the style represented by Angelique Houtkamp, Annette LaRue, Keith Underwood and Lara Wingo.

American traditional tattoo

We know it’s a tough job to research all those names so we hope you enjoy our selection of impressive American style tattoo designs!