Ideas for Impressive Geometric Tattoos

polygonal tattoo

Thankfully geometric tattoos are getting very popular.  We find geometry tattoos delicate but complex at the same time and mesmerizing to look at.

If you’re brave enough to go with something unusual, then these tattoos are your perfect choice. Although slightly a recent trend, geometric tattoos do have a solid background. But just in case you’re not quite sure what you want, let us load you with inspiration. Here’s the most common types of geometrical tattoos.

Polygonal animals

Polygonal animals are cute and sweet but have an elegant look on the skin. For those who love animals and wish for a clean and discreet tattoo, this could be for you. Polygonal animals can be entirely schematic, drawn only with lines. Or they can keep the realistic depiction of the animal with geometrical forms in the design.

Polygon animal tattoo ideas
Image by, CC BY

Geometrical arrows

Arrows are a favorite subject of tattoos and they often have secret meaning. Arrows represent movement and power. They are also a sign of vitality and driving force. The designs with arrows are gentle and feminine. They suit perfectly every placement on the body. Geometric arrow designs can also serve as a complimentary tattoo, as part of a larger design.

arrow tattoo

Abstract geometry

Abstract geometric designs are probably the most impressive. They are usually large-scale and use a lot of black ink. You often find blackout pieces and bold blackwork designs are geometric all the way.

abstract geometric tattoo
Stylish woman making tattoo

Sacred geometry

Sacred geometry is theme discussed many times. It is now a growing trend and one of the most complex types of tattoo. Sacred geometry designs are rich in detail and always have mysterious meaning to the wearer. Sacred geometry tattoos are more of a philosophical approach to tattooing.

Geometric tattoos examples

geometric tattoos

Triangle tattoos

The triangle is a basic geometrical form and the simplest one. Tringles are a constant motive of geometric tattoos. Triangle tattoos have a stylish look no matter the style- dotwork, color tattoo or simple linework. For such a simple form the triangle encompasses a wide variety of interpretations.

Triangle tattoo
Polygonal tattoo example 1
Polygonal tattoo example 3
Polygonal tattoo example 2