Angelique Houtkamp is another prime example of a female tattoo artist making waves in the contemporary tattoo scene.

Angelique is very talented and inspirational Dutch artist, and she’s already a big name in the tattoo world. Her work spreads not only in Europe but worldwide.

Swiss Army Knife Tattoo –
Source: Angelique Houtkamp Instagram

Her original designs are a stunning mixture. Pin-up, the 1950s, sailor, Louise Brooks, vivid old school and traditional tattoos, Betty Boop, rockabilly aesthetics, and Mexican influences are finely blended for exquisite results.

Art & Tattoos

Her career is blooming for the past years and her designs are getting really popular. Also, Angelique has two books behind her back, dedicated to her life, art and tattoos in general. She is currently the owner and main artist at Salon Serpent Tattoo parlour in Amsterdam. This is one of the hotspots for getting original high-quality tattoos in Europe. Advertised as a “premier international tattoo shop”, Salon Serpent is specializing in “good, solid, durable tattoo styles”.

Salon Serpent Tattoo in Amsterdam

Angelique Houtcamp started her career as a tattoo artist at 30 years of age. Luckily, her talent didn’t go unnoticed for too long. She developed her own, very recognizable, old school/traditional tattoo style with a delicate feminine touch. As you can see, her works look just as well on the skin as they do on canvas.


Outside the shop and art galleries, Houtcamp has a dedicated fan base on the Internet. She has one of the most followed tattoo artist social media accounts. At almost 70k Instagram followers, her art and tattoos reach thousands of people across the globe. Her classic yet fresh style has earned her some mainstream fame as well. Prints of Angelique’s original tattoo art are in demand and sell for hundreds of dollars.

Artwork by Angelique Houtkamp


Angelique has also published two books – “Tattoo Darling” and “Tattoo Mystique”. Both are dedicated to her work in the field of tattoo art and illustration.

“Tattoo Darling: The Art of Angelique Houtkamp” is her first and hugely successful book – quickly sold out and reprinted numerous times after. A fascinating monograph that reveals her eclectic artistic wonderland, with a strong focus on her fine-art pieces.

“Tattoo Mystique: The Art and World of Angelique Houtkamp” is the follow-up to “Tattoo Darling”. It presents new artistic work, as well as glimpses into Houtkamp’s personal collection. The book also includes a detailed introduction by the renowned tattoo artist Mike Giant, as well as an interview with Angelique.

Source: Angelique Houtkamp Instagram


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