With a style inspired by old thrasher skateboard designs, Tattoo Artist of the Year finalist and lead singer of Bastard Sons, JJ Jackson is on a roll to success.

It all started in 2004 when JJ started tattooing friends and band mates for ‘swapsys’. He was offered a job at Kerry Anne Richardson’s new studio, Cock as Snook, shortly after graduating Graphic Design school. He’s been tattooing professionally ever since.

We spoke exclusively with JJ Jackson to learn more about his background, the Tattoo Artist of The Year experience and what the future holds.

JJ Jackson

Inked Cartel: What was the most interesting design you’ve tattooed?

JJ Jackson: I’ve done some really amazing designs. One of my favorites is a decayed tooth holding a toothbrush biting into a lollipop. I made the tattoo in exchange for a skateboard signed by Cancer Bats.

Inked Cartel: What artists inspire you?

JJ Jackson: Though there are loads of artists who inspire me I recently discovered an artist named Brando Chiesa. I am in love with his illustrative style. It really reminds me of when I started tattooing.

face tattoo by JJ Jackson

Tattoo Artist of The Year

Inked Cartel: You were one of the talented finalists on the Tattoo Artist of The Year TV show. How was it the experience? 

JJ Jackson: Being on tattoo Artist Of The Year was a great experience and he would definitely do again. Working under pressure was definitely a learning curve. I didn’t learn much in terms of tattooing from the other artists. I did learned how to handle certain situations. We all had a right laugh and it was great working alongside Luke, the winner. He is such a humble and hardworking artist. We got along really well.

JJ Jackson decaying tattoo

Future in Fashion

Like lots of artists, JJ Jackson has his fingers on many pies from screen printing to graphics to illustration. Soon, JJ will be entering the world of fashion. Recently, he was approached by a gentleman popular in the fashion industry, and they both agreed that creating a clothing brand inspired by his lifestyle would be phenomenal. They’ve had several meetings and exchanges and now the ball is rolling. Are you curious too? Don’t worry. The new venture will be revealed soon.

Planning on getting inked by JJ Jackson? You’re in luck. He books his clients one month at time.

Check out some of his amazing work.

female face by JJ Jackson

JJ Jackson wolf tattoo

insect tattoo by JJ Jackson

female indian by JJ Jackson

clown face by JJ Jackson

t-rex sceleton tattoo by JJ Jackson

star wars themed tattoo by JJ Jackson

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