Just as art can be seen and experienced in many forms, tattooing is no different. And just as in art a contemporary artist can’t be held within boundaries.

Jaya Suartika is one perfect example of modem tattoo artist experiencing the full spectrum of themes, styles, and imagery. Jaya Suartika is an Australian artist known better as Jayaism. An interesting word play recalling thoughts of an art movement, remember all contemporary movements are defined as “isms” of art.

Multi Faceted

Jayaism started his practice as tattoo artist not very long ago in 2012. But in just a few years he’s gone through whatever style you can think of. You can see dotwork, blackwork tattoos, line tattoos, negative space or interesting combination between traditional tattoo approach and pure modern art imagery.

Jaya Suartika

Jaya Suartika climbed the ladder of tattooing following his inspiration, intuition and good artistic background. He speaks about the artists who inspired and influenced him to discover the many visual possibilities a tattoo piece can hold. Perhaps you will find a little bit of Picasso or M.C Escher in his tattoo work.

Unique talent

What makes Jayaism’s work recognizable today is his predisposition to patterns, geometrical designs and optical illusions. If you want to describe his unique style in just one word it will be provocative. A lot of cubist approach applied to classical subjects such as skulls and daggers, snakes, eagles makes his tattoo pieces masterpieces.

Anubis tattoo by Jaya Suartika

Jaya Suartika is working in Adelaide and you can find him in XO L’Avant tattoo studio. He also likes to travel around the world reaching new horizons. So far he’s been tattooing in UK, Germany, Italy and France.

Take a look at his surreal tattoos and get inspired the extraordinary presence of Jaya Suartika’s signature style.

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