Imagine what life would be without trees, one of the most important foundations of our ecosystem. Trees are a crucial element for the sustainable life on Earth. Because of their great importance trees appeared in mythology, art and today in modern tattoo art.

For those who feel connected with nature and look for a stable environment, tree tattoos can be a testimonial of their philosophy. In contemporary tattoo designs, we find more and more philosophical background. The tattoos are not only good-looking pictures, but they are a statement and visual expression of your mind and thoughts.

Tree Tattoos

Trees, mythology, and art

Behind all art stands an idea, in the images of trees we can find many old concepts. In mythology and folklore, we have hundreds of beliefs about what trees embody. They can represent growth, both physical and mental, or strength, endurance, and reliability. Trees with their long life also speak for wisdom, knowledge about life and inherent intelligence.

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In mythology, trees have been reviewed as a door to the heavenly worlds. They use to be imagined as the connection between life and higher powers or gods. In Celtic and Greek mythology some tree species were sacred. In Hinduism, some trees were believed to have healing powers.

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A widespread view is the concept of the Tree of Life. It is a metaphor, which exists in every mythology around the world and has very complex meanings. The basic idea circles the life cycle and life path, through its stages. You can find many Tree of Life tattoo designs, and each of them is truly exciting.

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Tree tattoos and ideas

In tattoo art, the tree can exist as a separate tattoo or as part of a more complicated design. You can go for a small and a simple tattoo or try large-scale back tattoo. You can find elegant black ink tattoos of tree branches or full-color tattoos. Watercolor designs are appreciated by many, because of their light and fresh presence.

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Sleeves with trees are very pleasing to the eye, as well as calf tattoos. The tree is universal; it has a shape which suits every placement. We hope we inspired you to get one more piece of tattoo art on your skin and it can be an amazing tree tattoo.

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