Circle Shaped Tattoos are Sweet and Trendy

We always find it interesting to what how trends evolve. Circle shaped today are certainly becoming a trend and they are the sweet and compact shaped tattoos. They can be precious miniatures of ink or bold and expressive designs. Whatever you like, the shape of the circle will make it suitable for placement pretty much anywhere.

To choose the right placement is not always such an easy job. Some people have a more practical approach and choose parts of the body where the skin is closer to the bone. This will guarantee the skin will look good even after 20 years. Others prefer discreet places, somewhere hidden from sight. So in every case, the circle shape is a great fit.

The most common placements of a circle shaped tattoo are the arm, shoulders or hips. The middle of the back is also a good spot. Because the circle is such a perfect and harmonic form it never looks bad. With its natural symmetry, the circle is a good complimentary element to old tattoos or can work as connecting element between 2 different designs.

In case you missed this latest trend, let us tell you more about the small, but sweet circled landscapes. Some artists like the famous Dr. Woo, the artist Dusty Past and the Turkish artists Eva Krdbk are concentrated exactly on this trend. You can have a whole picture cropped into the shape of a circle. Most of these tattoos are extremely detailed. We see even more artists doing dotwork designs to experiment with circle tattoos.

At the other side are the abstract and geometric tattoos. Actually, all mandala designs are circle shaped, but we will leave them out today, to show more unusual designs. Experiments with brush strokes, other geometric figures, and bold color create amazing results.

Finally, we need to mention the watercolor designs. Some of them are pure watercolor imitations with chaotic splashes and water drips, while other are delicate and stylized. You decide what’s best for you. There is plenty of inspiration. We’ve found you some good examples to illustrate this cute trend in tattooing and we hope you enjoy them.