Weed Tattoos – For the Love of Hemp

Weed Tattoo

We’ll be the first to admit – weed tattoos are nothing new. However, in the 21st-century legalisation and advocacy has spread fast and the stigma against cannabis starts to fade.

Now with the lack of stigma many more people are becoming confident in expressing their love for hemp.

Love for Hemp tattoo
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Of course, getting any a tattoo is a major statement. It’s really good to see the herb-themed ink getting classier and unlike the low-key wannabe gangster profile, we were used to seeing like 10 years ago.

Weed Tattoo
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420 Reasons to Get Some Ink

It seems like plenty of people love their weed, and some of them love it so much that they are willing to put a permanent homage to it on their bodies. In this small collection we got here we have chosen some amazing and subtle examples that dare to go past the typical clichés.

Certain tattoos can be tricky to pull off without looking corny, This is especially valid with certain concepts and styles. The task gets harder when there is a particular trend to associate with the topic or the designs. It’s pretty easy to end up with a cheesy tattoo in that case.

Unfortunately, more often than not we see hilarious ideas and questionable life decisions in the field of 420-related tattoos.

Weed Tattoo
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Weed Tattoos

Luckily, there are numerous ways to nail minimalist and classy weed-friendly artwork. Here we have some prime examples of tattooists that created real works of art within the theme of cannabis culture.

In the following selection of tattoos, there is plenty of beautiful display of cannabis appreciation. Best examples are not so obvious or straightforward, and therefore lacking in taste.

Weed Tattoo
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High Times

It was high time to show some of the best green ink! However, as with most tattoos, the key here is moderation. It is best to search for the right nuance and to customize the design in order to fit the wearer’s personality.

Here are some amazing ideas for classy weed tattoos for us to enjoy!

Weed Tattoo
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Weed Tattoo
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Weed Tattoo
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