We’re back again to one of our favorite styles, minimalist, and to one of our favorite artists ever, Jonboy.

Jonboy, whose real name is Jonathan Valena, is currently an artist working in New York. Although originally from Chicago, he moved to the NYC’s District, Greenwich Village to pursue a career.  Soon he was having a constant flow of clients, addicted to his gentle work. He works in West4tattoo shop, but you’d better hurry up if you want an appointment.

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Jonboy’s passion for tattoos was sparked years ago when he was a child. His grandfather, who was in the military, started his love of art and tattoos. Jonboy had his first tattoo at 19, and he chose a tribal armband. At first, Jonboy didn’t intend to get involved in tattooing. He studied with an aim to become a youth pastor. In the quiet town, he started his first practice as a pastor Jonboy had nothing interesting to do, except hanging out at the local tattoo shop.

He eventually started at the Manhattan’s Hillsong Church, where after a time he became a resident tattoo artist, inking the believers visiting the church.

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He then went on to start an apprenticeship as a tattoo artist, without having much experience and only basic art knowledge. Since then to present day more than 15 years have passed and he has climbed the ladder of fame and success with hard work and dedication.

Before getting deep into the minimalist work, Jonboy was already a traditional tattoo artist with envious skills. Back then, he did a lot of larger tattoos, both in black ink and in color. As for his current passion, he puts his artistic efforts into some flawless minimalist artwork, which has won him international fame.

jonboy line tattoo (20)

If you just type minimalist tattoos into Google his name will surely be on the first page. If you didn’t know he is the person who tattooed Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin.

Jonboy’s style is truly addictive, the more he inks your skin with delicate small tattoos, the more you want. He has an extensive list of regular clients, trusting their skin to his imagination and skills. His tattoos might be small, but he is creating them with insane precision and thought.

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jonboy tattoos (17)

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