Jemma Lucy is a British glamor and tattoo model. She been around since 2005, when she first appeared in the reality show Brat Camp.

She’s famous for her extravagant relationships and of course her tattoos. She’s heavily tattooed starting from the neck down to the legs. Jemma has two full sleeves, from shoulders to hands.

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She’s like a tattoo handbook. You can see literally all kinds of tattoos on her body- from realistic ones to geometric linear tattoos. From black and white to bright colorful tats. On her chest, Jemma has a panther head with geometric pattern, realistic eye, lettering and many more details.

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Jemma Lucy’s career as a social media celebrity and TV star began in 2005. Appearing in the reality show, Signed by Katie Price, and then in 2011 and more recently starring in two seasons of ‘Ex on the Beach’. Along with her fame, Jemma is subject to many rumors. In fact, she doesn’t try to avoid rumors. We believe she actually enjoys them.

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Jemma herself shares a lot of her personal life with her followers on Instagram and Snapchat. She became popular with her leg tattoo of Katie Price.  After she walked out of the show Jemma was involved in a public feud with Katie Price. Recently she shared with her fans her new tattoo showing a portrait of the nude Katie.

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Jemma has one more “Katie Price” tattoo on her arm. However, Katie isn’t the only women she’s familiar with. Jemma and the ex-stripper Chantelle Connelly were quite close for some time. Although Chantelle herself claimed their relationship was fake, Jemma doesn’t seem to bother about been called her girlfriend.

Still, Jemma has free space for more tattoos. See her gorgeous tattoos and we will let you decide who will appear next on her skin.

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jemma lucy tattoo model (10)

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