Typography and Tattoos – The Art of Lettering

tattoo typography

Typography is a huge tool not only in tattoos but to design in general. The way we visualize words speaks of ability to transfer text into meaning.

Good understanding of it will help you choose a good typo design and avoid some common mistakes and misunderstandings. We’ve already talked about the importance of balanced lettering. So, once again, don’t let the ‘words’ spoil your tattoo but make it better instead.

Typography Tattoos
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What makes a good typo good?

Typography needs complex knowledge, but here’s some basic advice for you to follow. The style of the written text needs to suit the subject. It will be strange to incorporate a punk style lettering into a gothic piece, right? Your typo must clearly show the message.

For example if you write “love” with bold and big letters what will others understand? Probably that for you love is a strong, deep feeling. It probably means the world to you and you’re emotional and exalted person. However, “love” in curved, slim letters will speak of love as a gentle and a private emotion for you. It will show the world you’re a calm and introvert person.

Don’t forget about the communication between different types of lettering. They also must complete each other. If the styles are too distinct it will just not work.

Typography Tattoos
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The basics of typography tattoos

The first thing you need to have in mind is what kind of font style to use. Serif, Sans Serif, Script or Modern – they can all mean a lot. There is a certain level of psychology coded in your choice.

Serif typography suits traditional messages, like famous sentences. Sans Serif letter are most commonly used to express strong words which speak of power and a clear mind. Script typography is really beautiful and is your best choice for emotional contexts, or single words of personal significance. Vintage fonts belong to the Script Typography style.

Typography Tattoos
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Modern typography styles are numerous. They vary from tech styles, to thin elegant lettering or handwritten letters, which are imitating brushes or markers. In tattooing, typography can be about breaking the letters apart and turning them into a new and personal symbols. Always remember that letters are still nothing without a good message!

Typography Tattoos
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Leg Typography Tattoos
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Typography Tattoos
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