The World’s Most Tattooed Person – Lucky Diamond Rich

lucky diamond rich

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to get tattooed on the inside of your mouth? Lucky Diamond Rich knows. He’s the man who’s got tattooed everywhere. Literally!

Lucky Diamond Rich is one of the most recognizable inked persons on the planet. Not only he took the “full body suit” to the next level. Lucky Rich’s the one who got every single inch of his skin (and not only) inked!

Lucky Diamond full body tattoo
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He is the World’s Most Tattooed Man

Lucky Diamond Rich was born in 1971 in New Zealand and his birth name is Gregory Paul McLaren. Gregory changed his name to Richy Rich at 18, inspired by the famous cartoon character. Later he changed his alias again to Lucky Rich.

“I believe that if you call yourself something and believe in something enough so that if i truly am lucky i will become lucky”, he says in an interview for body modification legend Lucas Zpira. His middle name – Diamond – also has its’ story. “Two years [after changing his name to Lucky Rich] a friend of mine called me a rough diamond so […] that’s how I came up with Lucky Diamond Rich.

lucky diamond rich in red

He admits to being “fascinated by tattooed men and women” since an early age. His passion for body modifications and tattooing began small. it was a rather small and innocent juggling cub design he got inked on his hip.

Of course, this choice of tattoo is no surprise. Lucky Rich has been a part of the circus and freak show scene in Australia (where he spent most of his life) for many years. Today he continues to travel around the world as a street performer.

Sword swallowing, juggling, and unicycle riding are among his most notorious numbers. He has also had a short music career as a part of an Australian drum & bass act in the 90’s.

100% inked

While certainly being a talented musician, artist, and performer, Lucky Rich is most renowned for his extensive tattoos. He has spent more than 1000 hours under the needle. Had his body modified by hundreds of artists all around the world.

At some point, Lucky Rich got interested in heavy black work and shortly after opted for a new adventure in the tattoo world – a full black ink covering his entire body, including toes, intimate parts, foreskin, ears, eyelids, gums, and insides of the mouth.

His multi-layered tattoos have changed a lot over the years, and some of the latest work on his world-famous bodysuit includes white ink over heavily tattooed areas, most visible in his neck and chest area.


The word KARMA, inscribed in bold white lettering is probably the most visible and memorable tattoo on Lucky’s body. This exact tattoo, however, has it’s predecessor and isn’t the first word/design that has been there. Early in his career, Lucky Rich had MENACE written over his neck.

“The first word that I had tattooed there was “MENACE”, because at the time that’s how I felt, then I X-ed it and wanted to put another word there, because [it] had mostly disappeared, it had kinda sunk”, says Lucky.

The word KARMA came next naturally:

“I’m a believer in karma, I believe that the whole reason I am the person I am today, externally and internally, is because of the energy I put out into the world whether it be negative or positive. Karma is something I believe in and I try to follow that as a rule, if I do something bad something bad is going to happen to me and if I do good then obviously good will come and I do more good than bad which is good…”, Lucky Rich says about the meaning of this tattoo.

Lucky Diamond physique
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