So it’s time for another bearded and tattooed gentlemen and this time its Levi Stocke.

Levi Stocke, living in LA is happy with his he success in modeling. Faith knocked at his door and Levi didn’t hesitate to take the chance.

He was found by an agent, while he was shopping at the grocery store. Since that day, Levi’s career has led him to the most recognized and famous brands. He moved to LA to pursue his dream to be a musician, but life sent his path in a different direction. In the years before modeling, Levi was a member of many underground bands, playing guitar and piano. Levi was also a singer and a motorcycle enthusiast and the last one hasn’t changed. Levi still runs his Harley over the hills in his free time, heading to some of his favorite whiskey bars.

Levi started modeling just for fun, thinking it’ll be a hell of a good experience. Sure he was right about the experience, you just can’t follow all of his collaborations with popular brands. Levi worked with brands like Diesel, Thomas Sabo, Bowers and Wilkins, Nordstrom, Blue Moon, H&M and so many more.

Levi Stocke can also be seen in the 2014 Super Bowl commercial for Sprint and Levi’s ads. This year Levi released his signature eyeglasses designed by him, and his clay pomade for beard “Lock, Stocke&Barrel”.

Levi is a brand by himself, using his attractive looks to drive women crazy and men inspired. Surely he often receives questions about his beard, but as he says, his beard is not only an expression of masculinity, but it’s a representation of the patience he pays to detail.
Follow him on his personal blog – Rebel Ritual, where he tells his stories:

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