Girls with Full Body Tattoos – Brave and Beautiful Designs

If you’re one of the crazy ladies, who want to cover their bodies with ink, then this post will help you and prepare you for this long-term commitment. Getting full body tattoos is a tough job for sure but somebody’s gotta do it.

If you have already decided that you want a bodysuit that makes you a pretty brave person. Many people have tattoos, but when your whole body is covered in those be sure there’ll be quite a few people staring.

Full body tattoos are a life-long commitment

It’s stupid and sexist, but men still get away easier with full body tattoos. But hey, that’s a stereotype we are here to break.

Another important thing to know is that you must be very patient. Those large scale tattoos take quite a lot of time and money. Save the next few years for you tattoo project.

Bodysuits are long term investments. Also remember you have to spare your body the torture and take it step by step. You might not be able to endure longer sessions and larger pieces as your body might reject the ink if it’s too much. Think about your health first.

The pain is worth it

Another huge aspect of getting full body tattoos is her highness queen Pain. While being excited about the final result of the long tattooing process, you will have to go through a lot of pain. Some of the most painful places for tattoos are knees, elbows, the stomach area, ribs and the collar bone.

Make sure you’re prepared well for this. Girls tend to have more sensitive and delicate skin so some sessions might be tough.

Finally, we get to the very essential part of all bodysuit discussions – the preferred designs! Here design is literally everything. Choose carefully the imagery you want to put on your body. It’ll be there forever.

A lot of space for your ideas

Some girls prefer to include different objects, people and animals with a strong meaning for them. This is not a bad option, because you actually do have quite a lot of space on your body so it will probably fit everything you hold dear.

Other girls choose to follow a certain topic of the whole design. If you like that kind, you need to be clear in your ideas. Full body tattoos are super diverse. They range from tattoos with maniacal details, to lighter and more gentle tattoos with more skin space left bare.

Be brave girls, follow your dreams, realize your ideas and get inked! Check out these stunning full body designs for tattoos for girls!