The Gorgeous Watercolor Tattoos of Sasha Unisex

sasha unisex

If you’re watercolor tattoo admirer, we’re sure you’ve heard the name Sasha Unisex before. Sasha is a brilliant Russian tattoo artist. So young and so talented she rules the watercolor style.

Sasha Unisex became famous in the recent years with her unique and colorful designs. Sasha looks like a teenager, but she’s skilled like an experienced pro. After she had finished her education in Art College, Sasha wanted to do something different. Searching for inspiration, she found tattooing. While exploring the fineness of tattoo art, she developed her signature style.

unisex tattoo

She became popular thanks to Instagram, where she posted her work. Today Sasha has made hundreds of bright colored, positive tattoos in a style, unlike others.

Rose tattoo

Sasha is a positive person searching for positive themes. Some of her favorite tattoo subjects are unicorns, flowers, animals and space. Sasha uses simple polygonal depiction in most of her work. As is visible from her tattoos, she puts her heart and soul into her designs. She is most famous for her fox tattoos, but don’t think this is all.

Rose tattoo

Her recent body art includes a lot of roses and more large-scale pieces. She gains inspiration by colors, and her palette is always bright and contrasting. However, you can see some monochromic designs. Probably the best feature of her work is the overall color appearance of her tattoos. Sasha precisely designs her tattoos to evoke positive feelings.

bright color tattoo

Sasha’s delicate approach to color is not a random achievement. She always makes a watercolor sketch before moving on to the tattoo part. One of best things about her work is the fine shading she uses. From bright red to gentle yellow or deep blue to pale green, Sasha builds forms with colors and no lines. You will not see a single outline in her tattoos. And this is one thing makes them unique.

See how Sasha turns skin into paper with her amazing watercolor tattoos.

watercolor tattoo
watercolor tattoo