Watercolor Tattoos – Impressive Designs for Girls

sasha unisex

We have mentioned watercolor tattoos before, but this time we’ll talk about the best feminine designs.

The watercolor style is so diverse you can find literally thousands of variations out there. Fortunately, we already did the tough job and selected some of the best and most unusual designs to inspire you.

hip tattoo

It’s all about watercolor tattoos

Color and technique is everything for watercolor tattooing. The contemporary artists now use a whole bunch of tricks to create even more remarkable designs. They combine saturated inks like light blue, pink, yellow with chaotic and sketchy outlines. Fine shading and color blending with white ink blinks also leads to majestic results.

arm tattoo

What you will choose depends on your taste. You might like more stylized designs with tight borders or artistic designs which are splashing all over your body. The artist Sasha Unisex, for example, is all about simple decorative, colorful tattoos, using geometric shapes and a lot of blending.

shoulder tattoo

Where illustration and tattooing meet

The watercolor style is strongly bonded with illustration. This is why many artists create illustrative designs using watercolor effects and thin outlines. Some watercolor tattoos even look like children book illustrations.

inner arm tattoo

Don’t forget about floral watercolor designs as well. They will always be up to date. You can get a single blossom tattooed, or a whole bouquet of flowers. Right now floral sleeves are super trendy and when completed in watercolor they just become extraordinary!

cat watercolor tattoo

Then we move forward to abstract watercolor tattoos. We start with graphic tattoos then go to geometric shapes or freely splashed paint. Put them anywhere on your body and they will always look great.

back tattoo

Watercolor designs with animals are represented with a variety of cat tattoos, bird designs, horses and more uncommon animals like jellyfish and octopuses.

octopus tattoo

Show the world what you love and have it inked. Don’t limit yourself to what you know but search for more uncommon or original designs.

watercolor tattoo
watercolor girl tattoo
watercolor girl tattoo