Symbolic Tattoos Describing Your Soul – Part I Symbols and

symbol of soul

Symbols and signs are inseparable parts of human history, culture and religion. Based on their purpose and usage, there are numerous kinds of symbols but some are universal. They both have found their place in symbolic tattoos.

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Universal symbols are widely spread all over the world. Some of them have origins that are hard to trace back. The most popular spiritual and occult signs are products of religious beliefs and associations. Others were born in modern ages and are product of certain cultural movements. A good example is the circle A or the modern sign of “Anarchy”. You can find it in various youth cultures and even in some occult groups.

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We will try to list some well-known and universal symbols here. Those are great for tattoos. They have managed to preserve their meaning and translate it in our current times.

We consider the arrow as a Native American symbol. However, it has a wide range of meanings. It can symbolize movement, strength and power. In Ancient Greece it was associated with the powerful deities.

Infinity is probably the most popular symbol. It speaks of perfection and determination. Some of its variations are the endless knot and the ouroboros – a serpent eating its own tail.

As a symbol, the spiral is present literally in every nation and religion. You can find it each and every corner of the world. The spiral means an open end, positive outlook, constant change and evolution. Moreover, in ancient times it symbolized the feminine force.

Not just geometric shapes

The circle is not just а geometric shape. It also symbolizes the female power, the cycle of life. It can be a sign of union and fertility. A circle with a dot inside refers to the sun, the metal gold, the male power and carries a creative spark.

sun symbollic tattoo

The pentagram is a five-pointed star. Contemporary culture is commonly linking it to Satanism or modern occultism, when it’s pointing down. When it’s pointing up it means harmony. The Golden Proportion is the foundation of the pentagram and it’s actually a symbol of protection against evil.

Тhe Jewish religious symbol of the God of Israel a.k.a David’s Star is a hexagram symbolizing the Fifth Element. If you don’t know the story, that’s a substance called Ether. David’s Star stands for the perfect union between the four Elements and the natural forces.

German and Scandinavian people have many runic letters. Those are pictograms from the ancient times. People used them before the adoption of the Latin alphabet. The signs were usually used more as magic symbols than as a language. Each rune has a different meaning and interpretation. The translation of the runes is a complicated process as their authors usually used them in combinations of two or three.

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