Symbolic Tattoos – Which Design Describes Your Soul The

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You loved the first part of our symbolic tattoos article? Learn more about other symbols often inked on the bodies of people from all over the world.

From Celtic symbolic tattoos to Yin Yang designs

Triskelion is a symbol of constant movement, action, progress and development. It literary means “three legged” and people sometimes draw it as three bent legs. It can be a Celtic sign, but archaeologists have found it in Neolithic artifacts.

Yin Yang is a Chinese Tao sign. It’s emphasizing the vision of harmony, universal energy and the unity between the opposites. Yin is referred to being passive and negative. It also represents the female being. On the other hand, Yang is a male symbol. It’s about being positive and active. When combined they speak of balance.

Four triangles are alchemy symbols of the four elements. If the triangles are pointing up they speak of fire. When they look down it means water. A crossed triangle illustrates the air. If it’s pointing down it means earth. Getting those in corresponding colors is a great choice.

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Religious crosses and beyond

Crosses are also very popular designs in symbolic tattoos. Since there are many different types be careful which one to pick. Their meanings might also differ a lot. The most common crosses are the Latin and the Greek ones. These symbolize Christiantiy.

There are also the Celtic, Maltese and Templar crosses and tattoo artist do many of those. Don’t forget, that the Swastika is also a type of cross. Despite its notorious usage by the German Nazis it’s originally a Buddhist symbol of the sun, which was commonly used in Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

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Another beautiful symbol is the Mandala. We love it for its symmetry and complexity. It name comes from Sanskrit and means circle. The Mandala speaks of focus, perfection and mental awareness. It is used in Yoga meditation practices. It’s linked to the chakras.

The Om symbol and mantra are coming from Indian religions. It’s a complex symbol with multiple meanings, but is basically speaking of creation and going beyond the conscious and revealing and controlling one’s unconscious and subconscious.

Eyes and their meanings

The All Seeing Eye or The Eye of God represents the deity watching over mankind. It is used by the Freemasons. In recent times it’s presumed as the Illuminati sign. The All Seeing Eye can be traced back to Egyptian religion as the Eye of Horus. Many people discard this symbol, because they associate it with conspiracy, control and manipulation.

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We hope we helped you find the inspiration for your own symbolic tattoo.