Inspiring Symbolic Tattoos – Petra Hlaváčková

Inspiring Symbolic Tattoos

Petra Hlaváčková is a Czech artist currently based in Berlin. She’s still a young tattooist, though her designs speak of pro skills.

Hlaváčková is no stranger to art. She studied art and design and animation in school. At 17 she began experimenting with tattoos.

How did it all start?

The starting point for the young artist were the bodies of her closest friends. Thankfully she decided to pursue a pro career of a tattoo artist. It was in Prague tattoo shop Bobek Tattoo, where she developed her unique artistic style of tattooing.

Imagination and mad skills

Petra is one of these artists who count not only on their imagination but on the connection with the clients as well. She doesn’t tolerate copying others’ ideas. Everything she does is a product of her mind, talent and skills.

She has a very personal approach to every person who contacts her for a tattoo. By developing their own ideas she’s gaining inspiration for the final designs.

Symbolism in the tattoos of Petra Hlaváčková

You will find a lot of symbolism in her works. Petra says the most important things about tattooing are the concept, idea and the feeling she’s conveying through her works. Fascinated by meditation practices, spiritual and aesthetic traditions of shamans her images are complex mixture of mythological symbols and signs.

Petra is a very positive person and so are her tattoos are. She gains inspiration from life and her own reality. Her tattoos carry positive and motivational messages. They are dedicated to loving life and appreciating the nature and the whole world around us.

The Czech talent has a strongly graphic style of tattooing. She’s mixing watercolor and acrylic paint effects with vivid line work. A carefully selected palette of pastel colors is enriching her unique designs.

The pieces sometimes resemble sketches. However, sometimes they are totally abstract. Moreover you can see rhythmic patterns or chaotic lines but all of them are forming one accomplished and balanced tattoo work.

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