What is New School in tattoos? How it is different from the old school and what are the themes it’s playing around with?

One of the most vivid and interesting styles of tattooing hides a lot behind its vivid colors. Let us shed some light on its specifics and most signature features.

New School Style Tattoo

New School started in the 70s

The first signs of the New School style in tattooing started emerging in the 70s and the 80s. New techniques, imagery and advanced skills were already in demand so the first New School tattoos were based on Old School designs.

What they did was play around with the color palette and the subjects themselves. Tattooists started experimenting with colors and shading. They would borrow images and ideas from everything that happening or was just hip in that decade.

New School Style Animal Tattoo

Breaking the boundaries of traditional tattooing

New Schools style is using wide range of bright colors. From vibrant blue to pink, orange and white ink – it’s all there. The outlines are still think and heavy as in traditional tattooing. However, the new style introduced the first 3D effects. The shades started featuring other colors and not only black. Artists also used a lot of white ink for accents and details.

This style embraces the exaggerated imagery of comic books, cartoon, anime and film characters. The shape often come in distorted proportions, with oversize body parts, big eyes and crazy facial expressions.

You can see graffiti-like designs or typography tattoos with sparkling light and colorful outlines.

New School Style Tattoo winddmills and female face

Still close to the traditional symbols

Some New School designs feel closer to traditional subjects like nautical symbols, eagles, owls and lions. Still, those are notably different in terms of drawing. Some claim that new school designs featuring old themes and subjects are kind of ironic. On the other hand, sometimes it’s just a new look on a well-known theme and a fresh interpretation of a beloved design. New School is all about experimenting.

Horror is also a favorite subject in this style, and so are emotional comic book and anime influenced emotional characters. New School tattoos are very interesting and eye-catching. They are a perfect choice for both male and female fans of unconventional designs.

Underwater New School Style Tattoo

Japanese New School Style Tattoo

Abstract New School Style Tattoo

Octopus New School Style Tattoo


Large New School Tattoo

Full Back New School Tattoo

Awesome Large New School Tattoo


Full Body New School Tattoos

Arm New School Tattoos

Rhino New School Tattoo


Cat tattoo in new style

Animal New School Tattoo

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