From New York Graffiti to Tattoos – The Incredible Tattoo Artist

Joseph Ari Aloi who’s working under the nickname JK5 is a New York graffiti artist, painter and a tattoo artist. His work is very diverse and recognizable.

JK5 is based in New York, he’s working in Three Kings Tattoo and combining various artistic techniques is how he’s creating his inspiring designs.

The story of JK5

Joseph Ari Aloi graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. Since then he’s been constantly developing his ideas and approaches thanks to his diverse interest in art. As a tattoo artist, Joseph is focused on calligraphy and graphic tattoo designs. Sometimes one can trace influences even from Eastern iconography.

Tattoo calligraphy

JK5’s lettering designs became very popular as he’s constantly mastering his lettering skills. One way is by making graffiti and sketching a lot. JK5 used the inspiration he got from Sanskrit lettering to create a new new and modern form of tattoo designs. You will easily recognize a tattoo made by Joseph for the vibrant lines he’s using. Sometimes his pieces resemble sketches and still look accomplished.

However, in his work colors do have a great significance. JK5 sees them as symbolic tools. What’s more they allow him to express his beliefs or invoke certain associations in the viewer.

Make ink flow on the body

JK5 likes to pick unusual positions for his tattoos. He “makes them flow” on the body. Instead of doing a design “to fit”, Joseph creates the tattoo for a particular spot on the skin. Besides tattooing Joseph is chasing many interests. He makes plastic vinyl toys. He paints on canvas and on walls. Moreover he’s involved in illustration, graphic design and storyboard sketching.

More inspiration

Joseph is a fan of Jackson Pollock and Basquiat. That’s actually quite visible in his slightly chaotic sketches. As JK5 says himself the sketch is where everything starts and ends. Sketches are an important part of his work process. It’s through them that he gathers ideas for tattoos, font designs and everything linked to his artistic activities.