Be Different with Amazing Sketched Tattoos

sketch style tattoos

What we love so much about tattoos is you can always find something so different and inspiring! Sketched Tattoo Style is one of the most artistic styles. It breaks free from any clichés and gives a fresh look to tattoo art as a whole.

Sketched tattoos are simply tattoos, which look like sketches made with pencil. However, you can find many interpretations of the “medium.” Some artists prefer to imitate chalk, ink or crayon drawing. Even some watercolor tattoos can strike on as “sketched,” because of their freehand manner.

Sketched tattoos men
Process of creating beautiful new tattoo on customer’s leg at tattoo salon with red light.

We’ve wondered more than once how skilled artists manage to create tattoos that look so much like drawings. These tattoos have the shades, strokes, and lines as conventional drawings have. If you scroll through you’ll see for yourself that nothing can stop a freehanded talented artist. You should keep in mind that sketched tattoo art is a hard skill to pull off. To get closer to sketch effects the artists exactly needs to know what the final result will be. Most of them tattoo directly, without using transfers and without tracing outlines.

Sketched Tattoo women

Sketched tattoos truly are beautiful and quite recognizable. If you’re looking for something different and not widely seen, why not turn to something rare and unique like the sketched tattoo. Some of the most popular body spots are arms, shoulders, hips, ribs and legs. What’s best about sketched tattoo art is the fact they age better than other tattoos. The effect of drawing is not distorted the same by aging or ink fading. Even if the tattoo fades too much, some new ink here and there will quickly bring life to it.

Sketched Tattoo Style Artists

If you’re planning to have this kind of tattoo you should check out these artists, who have reached perfection in fast tattoo drawings:
Mo Mori, whose fascination is animals, or Nomi Chi- one very busy artist. Or you can try the master of sketched tattoo Frank Carillho.
Bring life to your skin with sketched art and ink!

Sketched tattoo artist
Close up image of the tattoo artist makes a tattoo on a man arm.