Harmonic and Balanced Pattern Tattoos

Since tattoos are another kind of visual art they use every means of expression known to the art world. In this case, pattern tattoos are no exception. Beautiful and balanced, the pattern tattoo art seem like an endless repetition of harmonic elements.

Pattern Tattoos

Patterns have been used in art since Ancient Greco-Roman times. People found the beauty of the repeating ornaments and started to implement them in mural paintings and ceramic tiles at first. In the later centuries, patterns began to appear in rug designs and canvas paintings.

Artists gained inspiration for pattern designs from nature and geometry. They included decorative leaves and stylized floral elements. Tattoos with patterns are slightly later in the movement, compared to centuries of decorative art, but they still look marvelous.

A pattern is a complex structure of rhythmically repeating visual elements. They can borrow images from real life or build completely abstract fields of shapes. Some designs are more abstract or play on optical illusions. Most tattoo work based on patterns uses geometrical forms and ornaments. Lines, plain shading, dots and some crazy detail are the signature marks of pattern tattoo design.

The line between entirely geometrical designs and pattern tattoos is thin. While many geometric tattoos include patterns, not all those tattoos are geometrical. Contemporary tattoo art is a beautiful mixture of both – geometry and rhythm. In the superb examples we selected for you, you can find popular tattoo elements. Some of them are the mandalas and the Flower of Life patterns. Also, the hexagon is a widely tattooed shape.

We hope we caught your attention these stunning patterns. If you’re already considering a tattoo you should check out these two artists:


The master of super detailed sleeves. He will stop your breath with his insane sets of dots and lines.


A lover of black ink from Paris and admirer of large scale pieces. He uses a lot of optical illusions and bold flat spaces of ink.