Beautiful Nature Inspired Tattoos

nature tattoos

Among all of the diverse themes tattoo art explores, nature inspired tattoos are the most calming and mind soothing.

What makes nature tattoos so loved?

We experience the power of nature’s beauty though all manifestations of art – painting, graphics, photography and contemporary forms. Human’s special relationships with the natural world shape their lives. We prefer to live in houses instead of apartments, love the calming view of the sunset and crave for the sea breeze.

Have you ever thought why you prefer forest landscapes instead of skyscrapers view? The innate aesthetics pledged into the natural surrounding is the most native to us, the easiest to assume and relate with.

Art and modern aesthetics lean on the solids Mother Nature has created. Architecture and design are borrowing shapes, lines, and images, which we find every day from our primal surrounding- nature.
Geometrical patterns so often used in tattoo designs, mastered by many artists are existing in plants structure.

If you feel like you’re missing something in your day, something important, you should probably go outside, to take a walk and just free your mind. It is pretty much the same with tattoos. We get tattooed because we want to be free, to go outside of the box. You can claim your freedom with different designs, but sometimes nothing feels more right than nature inspired tattoo.

We’ve gathered some of the best designs showing the diverse beauty of the natural world, transformed through the vision of the artists. Using bold lines, saturated colors or high contrast they have managed to narrow our view to the point where we all meet- outside of our own skin.

nature tattoos for women
women nature tattoos
sun tattoo
flower tattoo