Knee tattoos? This might be one of the most prominent places for an outstanding tattoo design. There are loads of options, design-wise, but let’s take a look at some astonishing geometric ink inspiration in the following pictures.

Geometric tattoos are a real eye-catcher. Combined with a placement that is considered a bit outside of the norm, such as the knee, this can result in an astounding project for ink connoisseurs.

Dotwork Mandala Geometric Knee Tattoo

Knee Deep

Placement is crucial when you are searching for new ideas and inspiration for a tattoo. If you have chosen where to get some fresh ink, then you’ve won half the struggle. The knee is still relatively rare placement for getting tattooed, partially because of the specific shape of the knee.

Knee tattoos are yet considered hardcore, mostly because of the myth that it’s a painful place to work on. While this is partially true, there are many body parts that are a lot more painful to get tattooed. If you are ready to dive deeper, getting a knee tattoo might be a perfect option. Knee pieces could be very attractive. They are also widely adaptable and brilliantly customizable.

Black Web Mandala Geometric Knee Tattoo

But what is the most important thing to keep in mind when getting a knee tattoo? This is a moving part, so design choice and placement is crucial. It also takes a really skilled and experienced artist to pull your design off correctly.

This spot’s inherent roundness can be very useful for executing various conceptual designs. Dyptichs or matching styles look amazing. Knee tattoos work in more than one way. They can be a part of a bigger picture and complement other leg tattoos, or serve as joining point for a whole leg piece.

Black Mandala Geometric Knee Tattoo


Sacred Geometry

In some cultures around the world, it’s believed that wearing a sacred geometry tattoo on certain parts or areas of the body will have a healing and/or spiritual effect. It also looks pretty badass, to be honest.

Sacred Geometry Kneee Tattoo

Speaking of looks and styles, the only boundaries in this realm are dictated by your own desires, ideas, and imagination.

The symmetry of the legs and knees are ideal for placing balanced designs with excellent results. Fine line, blackwork, mandala, dot work, old school, floral motives, tribal-inspired, spiritual and sacred geometry tattoos on the knee all work wonders.

These are a great choice for anyone into off-beat, maximum impact awesomeness. You can find some inspiration in the gallery below.

Mandala Knee Tattoo

Leg Sleeve Geometric Knee Tattoo

Leg Sleeve Tattoo Source: Pinterest

Colour Mandala Geometric Knee Tattoo

Colour Spiral Geometric Knee Tattoo

Blackwork Geometric Knee Tattoo

Black and Blue Geometric Knee Tattoo

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