Beautiful Samantha Sam has been in the spotlight since 2013 and hasn’t stopped working ever since. On the catwalk, or during a photo shoot, she is always looking for ways to inspire and get inspired.

Motivation, dedication, and enthusiasm are crucial in the modeling industry. A lot of girls try really hard to get into the modeling business every year. The competition and the stress in the industry are often overwhelming. Also, most need to fight – and fight really hard – to earn their success.

Photo: MM Agency

Trying Your Luck

There are only a few who are lucky enough to find mainstream recognition and success without really looking for it.

Samantha Sam is a mother and model. A tattooed model. She works and lives in Barcelona. She got into the modeling business completely by chance. Although she has the perfect body and looks for it, she was never really interested until she got discovered. Well, sometimes just being yourself and not following the beauty standards can be an advantage.

Tattooed model Samantha Sam
Photo: Vicente Ortega | Source: MM Agency

Making heads turn

Sam loves tattoos and she was attending the XVIII International Barcelona Tattoo Expo in 2013. That’s when a couple of photographers noticed her. She says that it was her tattoos that attracted their attention. We think that it might be also her beauty and appeal.

She was 24 at the time. The photos got in the right hands and the modeling agencies were after Samantha the very next day. A couple of months later she knew this is what she wanted to do for a living.

In addition, Sam recalls her favourite and most exciting moment in her modeling career – her first catwalk show for designer Anna Naagy. She calls that “an unforgettable experience”, and also a “moment of truth” when she decided she wanted to do this for a living.

Tattooed model Samantha Sam

Tattoos and modeling

People are tired of seeing the same thing over and over again, so tattoos and inked models have been a fresh glimpse into the mainstream modeling industry.

“People are tired of models with the same features. Fashion and tattoos can be totally complementary. There’s a lot of personality and [tattoos] reflect much about your own story. It is art.’”, Sam says.

This Spanish beauty is everything but camera shy. Take a look at her amazing photos.

Photo: Vicente Ortega

Samantha Sam

Tattooed model Samantha Sam

Tattooed model Samantha Sam


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