Meet inked model, blogger and travel photographer Jenah Yamamoto. First of all, she is best known as her web alias GypsyOne. Also, she is one of the most inspiring internet personalities nowadays.

It seems that she is just as popular in front of the lens as she is behind it. Most of all GypsyOne’s work as a photographer is notable for two things. Beautiful women and equally stunning landscapes.

Jenah Yamamoto aka GypsyOne 1

GypsyOne – The Travelling Beauty

As a model, Jenah is following the same trend. She travels to amazing idyllic locations all around the world.  GypsyOne is also often posing with minimal clothing. This seems to attract many followers on social media.

It’s safe to say that she has a steady and constantly growing fan base over her various social media channels. As a result, she has nearly 1 million followers on her personal Instagram account.

Beach Jenah Yamamoto aka GypsyOne
Source: FHM

There she documents her journeys to far corners of the world. Furthermore, she shows her beautiful tattoos whenever possible.

Stunning Ink

She has two full sleeves. You can see her sensible floral motifs and tribal-inspired native designs.

GypsyOne was born on April 04, 1993 as Jenah Yamamoto. She is currently 24 years old. Jenah was born on the North Shore of Hawai. She has Hawaiian, Japanese, and Puerto Rican descent. Jenah is born under the Aries zodiac sign. She has a sister, whose name is Kiani Yamamoto. Jenah grew up in Hawai but later relocated to Los Angeles, California. Her job often takes her to New York. Most of all she’s traveling around the globe.


Besides her massively popular IG account, she runs a blog. She also works as a photographer and a model. Her beautifully executed tattoos are visible on most of her own pictures. Seems like Jenah’s modeling career is blooming. She’s featured in a variety of digital and printed publications, including Complex and Acclaim. Most noteworthy she has been feature model photographer for Playboy, FHM, and HypeBeast.

Living the Dream

GypsyOne is among the youngest internet finds. She does a great job capturing a wild and energizing lifestyle as a citizen of the world. Behind the lens, Jenah is especially good when it comes to inspiring and vivid travel photography. Always with a hint of freshness and femininity, her pictures showcase amazing exotic locations and beautiful girls enjoying life.

Girl Power

Finally, some recognize her style as specifically dedicated to women empowerment and the freedom that women deserve.

Let’s take a look at some photos taken during her adventures and enjoy her stunning ink.

Nature photography Jenah Yamamoto aka GypsyOne

Waterfall Jenah Yamamoto aka GypsyOne

Pool photoshoot with Jenah Yamamoto aka GypsyOne

Beah shot Jenah Yamamoto aka GypsyOne

Jenah Yamamoto in a hotel room

Inked model Jenah Yamamoto

Tattooed model Jenah Yamamoto aka GypsyOne

Jenah Yamamoto aka GypsyOne showing her beautiful tattoos

Jenah Yamamoto aka GypsyOne on the beach

Jenah Yamamoto aka GypsyOne loves nature

Jenah Yamamoto aka GypsyOne in Hawaii
IG GypsyOne

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