Red ink tattoos are becoming a big trend and if you follow contemporary styles and a more unusual look, go for it. Seriously red ink tattoos are so impressive.

Red is an aggressive and vibrant color, it provokes the eye drawing your attention to it. Red can consume all of the viewer’s attention, just because it is a color full of energy and power. As it is the color of  blood it conjures ideas of danger, passion, and strength. It also brings thoughts of action and strong energy. Often red is associated with sexuality and passion. In some traditional cultures, the color red is a sign of good health and luck.

Red Ink tattoo

Red tattoos are often seen in mono color, which makes for very eye-catching tattoos. Red ink also gives a good contrast with the body, especially on paler skins. In the recent years, many tattoo artists choose red as their signature color. More and more red is used in geometrical tattoos, as the color looks amazing used for detailed work.

Combined with black the color stands at the very base of trash polka tattoo style, yet seen in the same combination in other styles. Of course, red is the perfect color for blinks and accents. We love seeing black and red ink together as it just makes a tattoo pop right out, amazing.

Still not sure you want red ink tattoo? Check out these mind-blowing examples of red color tattoos.

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