Since Bram Stoker wrote his famous novel, vampires have been part of mainstream culture. Their dark nature, mystical aura and inhuman powers woke international interest. As much as they appear terrifying, they are also romantic symbols.

We say they are romantic, not in the meaning of sugary heroes. The vision of the vampire refers to a violent nature. They are creatures sucking blood to ensure its eternal existence. Therefore it typically brings the idea of immortality. Now, immortality is a romantic and philosophic subject. Perhaps this is the reason people get obsessed with vampire stories.

Vampire Tattoos

Vampires represent power, strength, and intelligence higher than humans. They are mystic and possess irresistible charm. Vampires are rulers of the night living in the shades. These characteristic are all part of the modern western concept of vampires. Thanks to Count Dracula’s image, built by Stoker, vampires are desirable subject for tattoos.

dracula vampire tattoo (11)

The initial perception about vampires is slightly different. Count Dracula’s persona circles the real person. It is Vlad Tepes – a cruel and honestly bloody Romanian ruler. In old myths and legends, vampires are either undead creatures or people, who came back from the dead. Some older versions of the tale view vampires as demonic, supernatural beings.

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Back to tattoos, vampires exist in different presentations. Created by the imagination of the artist, or in the likeness of a famous actor, either way, vampires are fearful and threatening. Most of the vampire tattoos are so realistic you will get chills. More interesting are the old school and neo-traditional vampire tattoos.  They follow the aesthetics of the style, making the tattoo unusual and fresh.

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Popular vampire tattoos are designs with female faces, with blood dripping from their sharp teeth. Who says vampires can’t be sexy? Vampire tats can include different elements and details, such as daggers, castles, wine glasses and the moon of course.

Enjoy these great examples of vampire tattoos for all you Twilight lovers. Inspire yourself with the vampires bloodthirsty nature depicted in these stunning designs.

neo traditional vampire tattoo (13)


neo traditional vampire tattoo (14)

neo traditional vampire tattoo (15)

old school vampire tattoo (8)

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