Next Level Minimalism – Mo Ganji One Line Tattoos

Wondering what “One Line Tattoo” means? We did too but then we stumbled on the delicate Mo Ganji designs.

This Berlin-based tattoo artist is creating his unique pieces with just one single continuous line of ink!

Mo Ganji and the art to express your feelings with ink

Mo Ganji is originally from Iran. He has no tattoos, which one may find pretty strange for a tattoo artist. However, Mo took up tattooing slightly late in his career. But first he decided to leave his previous job and in art and tattoos he found an outlet for his feelings. He says it’s them that bring him peace.

Unusual form of tattoo minimalism

Mo Ganji’s special style seems to be representing all aspects of life. By using just one line he creates the feeling of constant motion His designs play with the idea of perfection. In the world of Mo Ganji nothing nothing is disrupting the universal order. Every idea, shape and thought is flowing uninterrupted.

In his tattoos you can see images of animals, flying birds, human gestures or simplified faces. Everything is kept clean and uncomplicated. Details are scarce to prevent from distorting the calmness of his work. Mo’s tattoo art reminds us of the infinite tranquility we can only find in nature. He’s sometimes using dots but only to accentuate on certain elements or to infer shading.

Where graphic design and tattoo art meet

The works of Mo Ganji can be seen as products of design because of their simplicity and purity. Some of his pieces are closer to sketches with their twisting lines and soft edges. What’s the best about his approach to tattoing is that he can transform any image into a design of his own. Among his works you can even find landscapes. Yes, those are also drawn with only one single line.

Mo Ganji’s work can be described as minimal or abstract, despite its figurative character. His approach to shape and image is certainly bringing tattooing on the next level.

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