Abstract Tattoos – Wild, Free and For Everybody

abstract design tattoo

In the beautiful and exciting world of tattoos there’s always place even for the most obscure images and designs. Yes, we’re talking about abstract tattoos.

The abstract has been ruling the art scene ever since we saw Wassily Kandinsky’s watercolors, Malevich’s “Black square” or Mondrian’s tiled works. However, the abstract has a slightly different meaning in tattoos.

The abstract art as a movement appears as a pure depiction of the most basic characteristics of an object. It’s the essence of logic and emotions. In tattoo designs the abstract is more of a distorted version of the world.

simle abstract tattoo

Having in mind that art and tattooing go side by side, tattoo artists, who work in the field of abstract tattoos borrow some basic artistic techniques we’ve seen in abstract painting and graphics. This is why we love saying that abstract tattoos suit everybody. They’re just so wild and free.

Abstract Tattoo Designs

Abstract tattooing is not really a style, as it’s a colorful mixture of all known styles. You can see watercolor abstract tattoos, linear abstract tattoos, geometric tattoos or even dotwork abstractions. The style is not the most important when talking about abstract tattoo designs.

One good design will remind you of something from the world you know, but it will not explicitly reveal it. It can be a dripping paint, a brush stroke or a thin line resembling an object you know all too well.

abstract tattoo design

Half Abstract Tattoos

Of course, many artists combine abstractions with an illustrative approach. The visual effect created by abstract design can be enriched by a theme or an object with a special meaning for you. Many designs which we consider abstract are hiding references to the real world by featuring realistic motifs.

Placement of Abstract Tattoos

Abstract designs are non-figurative. This is why they look great placed anywhere. You can have it on your limbs or hide it on your waist, hips or chest. It depends on how important is for you to show it to the world. Abstract designs have a huge potential for interpretation. They can freely follow your body curves without losing neither their quality or meaning.

Amazing abstract tattoo

When you choose where to place your abstract tattoo, think of some place on your body, which you won’t tattoo further. Abstract tattoos look better, when isolated from other pieces.