Theresa Sharpe is a young, colorful artist, full of energy and shooting to fame in recent years.

She is the winner of the famous tattoo TV show Best Ink – Season 2, but despite her media popularity, Theresa is one amazing tattooist!

Theresa Sharpe side tattoo

Living and working in Indian, Theresa Sharpefound her passion for tattooing slightly later in her life. She started her apprenticeship at Studio 13 Tattoo in 2008, and in my opinion, among the best tattooists around. Theresa stepped into professional full time tattooing in 2009, this after just one year as an apprentice. Since then featuring many times in tattoo magazines and participated at many conventions.

detailed tattoo by Theresa Sharpe

In addition, Theresa is also a painter, creating fine, realistic paintings, along with her work as tattooist. Using her passion and inspiration from other artists and her own art, Theresa Sharpe has developed a unique tattoo style.

Illustrated realism

You cannot really compare her style any other, using semi-realistic, fantastic imagery, combined with fine line work, bright saturated colors and techniques from painting and illustration. She calls her style illustrated realism, as far as her imagery is well drawn. Consequently, Theresa’s subjects are close to fantasy, fairy tale characters. Her large-scale works contain huge amount of detail and are always very complex.

Theresa Sharpe hip tattoo

Some of Theresa’s favorite characters are animals, especially birds, snakes and cats. She often includes depictions of fatal women, transforming them into half-human creatures. Artists, who have influenced her are Dan Hackney, Nick Baxter and her friend Kelly Doty. She also pays respects to the team from Studio 13 Tattoo, and the tattooists, who have tattooed her body.

Theresa Sharpe crazy good style

So finally, let’s dive into her beautiful work and see some crazy tattoos!


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