The short answer is “no” – the finger moustache tattoo trend is still alive and kicking! A short research shows that what started as a tongue-in-cheek practice in the era of Myspace is pretty much still a thing today.

What is a Finger Moustache Tattoo?

The finger moustache (or a fingerstache) can refer to a popular type of a photo meme.

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The participants draw a mustache or have a moustache tattooed on their index fingers. When you place the finger under your nose, which gives a certain comic effect. Most people simply draw the moustache on their fingers. However, the origin of this practice connects closely with tattooing. Here’s why.

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A Little History

The practice originates from the finger moustache tattoo, which was first started by tattoo artist Giovani in Columbus, Ohio. Like many great things, this raised from an inside joke. After that it spread like wildfire once the picture landed on the internet.

The authentic finger moustache tattoo trend originated as a real-life practice. People would get a cheeky finger tattoo and pose with it as if they sport a small Spanish type moustache. With many of these tattoo photos shared on various social media, the practice got really famous around 2009. In the rise of the “fingerstache” trend, most people would rather just draw a fingerstache with a sharpie, thus making it temporary.

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Still A Thing?

In the tattoo world, however, the finger moustache is still a thing today, although not so much of a viral trend as before.

Funny enough, the finger moustache was equally appealing for men and women. The tattoo is usually on the index finger, sometimes on the middle finger as well. The finger then is mocked up as a moustache to be stretched across the upper lip. Various different types are popular, from the thin latino type to bigger trucker moustache that sometimes takes two fingers, to various famous historical moustaches.

While most people around the world still go for the humble sharpie faux-fingerstache, the truly daring still get one permanently inked on their phalanges. Let’s take a look at some of the finest examples emblazoned through the amazing indelible art of tattooing.

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